Horgas Eszter   (jazz, classic, latin)

Eszter Horgas graduated from the Academy of Music, Budapest, as a flute artist, but during the college years already, she had the chance to perform with such artists as the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra, Kocsis Zoltán, Maurice Andre, Rostropovich, Bartók String Quartet, Jean Pierre Rampal ....

At the age of 19, she studied next to two of the most prominent flute artists: Jean-Pierre Rampal (France) and András Adorján (Germany).

At the age of 20 she was awarded a scholarship to Switzerland, then she became a soloist on the national musical scene.

In 1993, she founded the Forrás Chamber Music atelier, with such members as the school pupils of Kurtág György and Rados Ferenc.

From 1995, she's been recording her albums by various Hungarian and foreign music publishers.

In 2002 she received the Artisjus Award.

In 2003, already ten thousand people were curious about Carmen in her adaptation, performed at the Budapest Arena, 

where her partner was the internationally renowned guitarist Al Di Meola.

2008 were the year of Carmen's continuation named Him and Carmen, from which a cd was released, becoming a platinum album in two weeks.

"Horgas Eszter is one of the most original, most exciting performers of our day, a flute virtuoso, the creator and representative of a genre.

She almost passes the boundaries of the flute game, someone, who lets the flute facing other possibilities, different than its predecessors did."(András Szegő)

Six of her live concerts were broadcasted on the TV, such performances as the Latin Fiesta, Carmen, Maria, Charlotte. 

Her own book, titled "Hangok mögötti világom" (My World over the Tones) also appeared.

She works with world-famous artists like Al Di Meola or Natalie Cole, Roby Lakatos and Tony Lakatos, Rhoda Scott, Milos Punisic.

In 2011 she was invited to the world's largest concert hall, to PROM.

She gives almost 100 concerts annually in Hungary and abroad.


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