Gerendas Family Band   (pop, nostalgy band, rock)

Peter Gerendas is a Hungarian singer, guitarist, composer and lyricist, who has been awarded the Liszt Prize, Emerton Prize, and the Huszka Jeno Prize.  

He has been on stage for 40 years, during which period he has released 16 LP's/CD's, and composed music for several Theatre plays. He has written songs for a number of prestigious Hungarian artists such as Zoran, Zsuzsa Koncz, Tamas Somlo, the Jeff Porcaro Band, and others. Whether on his own or with the backing of a large band, Peter most enjoys performing live. 

His musical style embraces Lyrical, Rock, Latin and Jazz forms. 

Including three of Peter's nine children, the Gerendas Family Band has attracted the attention of the public in Hungary and on the international music scene. 

Young and gifted, the members of the band are highly professional already. The 18 year old drummer, Daniel Gerendas, is a very popular session musician performing across the country. He has recently won an international (Guru Drum) competition in the pro category. This year he appeared on the large stage of the Sziget (Island) Festival with the "Biebers Band" before an audience of thousands. His drumming has also featured at many other Hungarian Festivals. The main attraction at the annual Drum Gala this year was the Daniel Gerendas Quartet. He had signed endorser contracts with two different World Company , "Meinl cymbals", and "Natal drums". 

The pianist is Hanna Gerendas (16), a student of Bela Szakcsi Lakatos Junior. At concerts she features Jazz and Latin music, also she sings, and plays the flute and accordion. The youngest member of the Band is 13 year old Ruben Gerendas, who is an excellent contrabass and bass guitarist. His stage presence and his solos are highly appreciated by the audience. 

The Band was founded two years ago, and they regularly appear at Festivals and other musical events.


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