Fókatelep   (alternative rock)

The band Fókatelep was formed in 2007 in Hungary, by the members of two internationally known psichedelic formations, Korai Öröm and Colorstar, involving a young and talented singer girl, Annamaria Oláh.


Their first album (self-titled, NarRator Records 2009) introduces us to the world of primarily Hungarian but also Bulgarian, French and Indian folk style songs with an energetic rock flavour.

The track 'Leave' was chosen for a CD compilation introducing the best of Hungarian world music in Europe’s most acknowledged world music magazine, the Songlines' March 2010 issue, with other renowned acts.


With their second album Fokadelic, released in April 2011 the band realised new quality – their very personal style of world music based on rock melts Hungarian „csujogató” folk singing style with traditional Bulgarian folk music, gipsy tango meets chansons, while latin and afro rhythms confront each other.

The creative thinking of the composers is showing an exciting internationality: besides Hungarian, the songs are in Spanish, Gipsy, Bulgarian and French languages.

After touring in Germany, Denmark and Sweden in 2009 (giving workshops in schools in Hillerod, Denmark in their free time), Fókatelep found themselves in Germany again in May 2010 to perform alongside Besh O Drom at a series of events promoting Hungarian talent. Later that year, they travelled to the Italian showcase festival MEI to perform for a professional audience.


Band members

Annamária Oláh    vocals

Emil Biljarszki        keyboard

Viktor Csányi          drums

János Jócsik            percussion

Ferenc Somogyi     bass

Péter Szalay           guitar



Intoxicated by my Coke, Annamária Oláh’s ecstatic dance and sweet singing made me see whirling dervishes. The buoyant guitar, the drums, percussion and the special effects keyboard conjured nomad Arab horsemen galloping in the moonlight among the Városliget trees.

 Fókatelep’s music is like space cake. This object camouflaged as a cake contains a drug that modifies your consciousness stronger than raisins soaked in rum, thus prompting the nonsmoking Amsterdam tourists who all carry their uniform Van Gogh poster to lose their way to the station and find themselves balancing on railings of channel bridges in the red-light district.

Korai Öröm members surrounded Annamari in a protecting ring as she was singing enchanted and dancing with silky movement. Like an apricot floating in honey pálinka…

The lines of Seress Rezső’s „Gloomy Sunday” (banned many years ago) were once left by the broken hearted as a last message.

The bitter, melancholy tunes are sung with an energy that stems from the force of pain, gripping the agitated audience.

The love ballad „Kerek a szőlő levele” made me really admire the harmony of modern musical instruments and folk tunes. As if the ancient music had reincarnated into the modern age: the depth of songs was seized by and reflected in the rock guitar. „Let there be light, sound, drums, 'n guitar, ah. Let there be rock!”


I bought the CD and ran to the car to listen to it. The songs were playing in my ears the following day: the spring babbling in the Pilis woods and the birdsong accompanied them. A listened to the CD at home again: I blocked out the sunlight and put up the volume of the Model One.. ”Szerelem, szerelem, átkozott gyötrelem!” (Love, love, accursed agony!)





Fókatelep_Nemzeti Vágta

Fókatelep_U Stankini