Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene   (alternative)

Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene the band (since 1996), seems to play traditional folk music for first hearing but does not imitate real traditional world music itself, still influences from Africa to Alaska, from the Arab world to the blues may easily be spotted in the songs. The band’s versatility takes up influences from folkish to drum’n’bass, through balladistic tales up to the world of French melodies, or even to the Seventies’ rock feel. Playfulness, musical ideas and humour get higher emphasis. The virtual language conveys the message and brings Hungarian and non Hungarian audience together. Free associations, lots of feelings, dance grooves, rtythms. In the past years the band performed in Moscow, Brussels, and Paris. 

The band has debuted with great success in Poland, the Check Republic, Slovakia and the towns of Transylvania as well. In May 2014 they performed in Greece. The eclectic, skillfully improvising group was invited to Greece to perform its music as the guest of the renown Technopolis Jazz Festival.

The formation released 6 albums: the Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene (the One Kiss Erzsi Music - 1998), the Deladela (2001), the Röné álma (Dream of Röné - 2004), the Kinono (2006) and the Ugató (Barking - 2010), Szabad a szív (The heart is free - 2014).



 Erzsi Kiss – vocal

Árpád Vajdovich – bass, double bass, guitar, vocal

János Bujdosó - guitar, bouzouki, vocal

Csaba Németh – drums, canna, xylophone