TranszOrient   (dance show)

Enjoy the voyage in the self through Transorient, an unforgettable bellydance show. 10 dancers, 13 choreographies, more than 30 wonderful costumes, more than 50 special dance accessories in a 90-minute spectacular show!

The main choreographer is Mahasti from Hungary, the artistic leader of Daughters of the Moonlight, a world champion bellydance group. She is a regular member of juries in various European bellydance competitions, and also a wonderful choreographer and a brilliant dancer. Mahasti’s art always reflects her perfect sense of creating something profound, something memorable. 

Transorient dancers include Mahasti, the Daughters of the Moonlight and other professional bellydancers: Maya Székely, Vivien Malova, Katalin Győrffy and Eszter Rembeczki. Although all these dancers are unique in their style, together they present a coherent performance.

The show, as its title suggests, is a 90-minute voyage in the world of the modern oriental dance with ten talented, beautiful dancers. It starts from the roots with traditional, lyrical movements with veils and leads to modern, pulsating, vivid fusions. The dancers use elements of other dances styles like jazz ballet, classical ballet, oriental folk dance etc. You can see many bellydance styles during the show from classical, through tribal fusion and melaya, to modern Iraqi. In the show there are several solo and duo performances and you can see the best Mahasti group choreographies too. The dancers wear enchanting costumes, and use a great collection of accessories like veil fans, Isis wings, colourful handmade silk veils, canes, drums etc. 

The music is as varied as the choreographies are. It is mainly based on modern adaptations of traditional oriental music, world music and meditative music. The show features live music too.

Transorient is supported by spectacular light technology that makes the scene extraordinary and captures the audience. The show is a journey through bellydance styles. The dances, the lights and the music take you on a journey to your feelings, a voyage to the self.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the oriental dance and experience what bellydance really is! Enjoy your ‘self’.