Cirkusz-KA Band   (acoustic, jazz, worldmusic)

“Dream-Worldmusic from Budapest”

“The sensuality of Fado with the energy of Tango. Inspired by the diversity of music throughout the world. Born of their cultural roots, native Hungary.”

“Poetry, painted by the colours of jazz. Pure acoustic music, fragile and intimate magic.”

Anna Szlávics and Tamás Rock are a singer-songwriting duo from Budapest leading their band, called Cirkusz-KA.

Since 2006 they have been creating their “Dream-Worldmusic” songs, born of their cultural roots in native Hungarian heritage and inspired by the diversity of music throughout the world. They enrich their original compositions with the sensuality of Fado and the energy of Tango, adding a flavour of jazz.  

In 2009 they became troubadours and from that magic moment, they have taken their intimate acoustic music to various stages in Europe. Cities played include Budapest, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna, Bern, Brussels, Ljubljana and Wroclaw.

They have received a multitude of awards in their careers, including the Hungarian Jazz and World-music Award from Fonó Budai Zeneház in their home country, and in foreign countries such as Germany, a first prize in the "4 ums Dorf" Music Festival.

The opening song of their album ”Lakes and Seas” was a runner-up in the World Music Network’s song competition, with music editors from UK Songlines Magazine and BBC Independent Radio as panel members.

Anna Szlávics - vocal, flute, melodica, songwriting

Tamás Rock - classical guitar, composition

Tamás Géza Szalay - double bass

Gábor Clemente - percussion instruments



Selection of tour dates and festival participations

Upcoming in 2015 - YOMAD Festival Opening, Rovinj, Croatia

Upcoming in 2015 - Trieste capitale del caffè, Salone degli Incanti, Trieste, Italy

Upcoming in 2015 - Jazz Club, Cairo, Egypt

Upcoming in 2015 - Balassi Institut Cairo, Egypt

Upcoming in 2015 - Floating Castle Festival, Slovenia

Upcoming in 2015 - Bar Prulcek Ljubljana, Slovenia

Upcoming in 2015 - Balassi Institut Brussels, Belgium

Le Cercle des Voyageurs Brussels, Belgium

Jazz Festival Prulcek, Slovenia

Valley of Art’s Festival, Hungary

National Museum Festival, Hungary

Festival Hist(e)ria, Slovenia

Art Base Brussels, Belgium

Celica Etno night Ljubljana, Slovenia

La Bellevilloise Paris, France

Satellit Café Paris, France

Volkstheater Wien -CO Milonga, Austria

Buskers Bern Festival, Switzerland

Busker’s Festival Barcelona, Spain

La Dame de Canton Paris, France

Petrovac Jazz Festival, Montenegro

Supamolly Berlin -B-Gala, Germany